Lifetime “To Do” List

I’m a firm believer that if you set yourself a goal, you’re more likely to meet with success. As such – I made my self a list of goals. A lifetime’s “To-Do” list. Many people have goals in life. Most of them are unspoken, or ill-defined. I’ve been maintaining a concrete list of goals since I was 16 and when I first started, I had about 30 goals written down. Since then, I’ve added a few. Yes, some are frivolous, but most hold special meaning for me. I’d love to hear yours – reach out!

  1. Go sky-Diving
  2. Have a book published
  3. Learn how to use my air-brush
  4. Drive across Canada
  5. See the Pyramids
  6. Visit Stonehenge
  7. Learn how to tap-dance
  8. Learn how to juggle four or more objects
  9. Learn tumbling/acrobatics/gymnastics
  10. Earn my black belt in another martial art
  11. See the Great Wall of China
  12. Own a straight jacket
  13. Earn my pilot’s license
  14. Learn how to surf
  15. Go hang gliding
  16. Go parasailing
  17. Go back to Gottingen, Germany
  18. Drive a Porsche
  19. Go cliff diving
  20. Climb the stairs of the CN Tower
  21. Play saxophone in a night club
  22. Have a song I wrote played on the radio
  23. Meet Jackie Chan
  24. Act in a movie
  25. Swing on a Chandelier
  26. Learn how to walk on my hands
  27. Visit Sarah M in BC
  28. Reconnect with Jonathan Ferguson
  29. Spend a night camping on a beach
  30. Wear a bitchin’ trench coat in the wind
  31. Learn how to speak Chinese fluently
  32. Learn how to speak German fluently
  33. Learn how to play a drum set
  34. Learn how to play the guitar
  35. Learn how to fly a helicopter
  36. Learn how to drive a motorcycle
  37. Swim with dolphins
  38. Ride in a submarine
  39. Learn how to give a proper massage
  40. Go into space
  41. Name a star|planet|etc…
  42. Blow up a computer
  43. Learn how to play the bagpipes
  44. Try haggis
  45. Visit Loch Ness
  46. Take a company public (IPO)
  47. Build a kit-plane
  48. Ski in the Alps
  49. Climb a mountain
  50. Go bare-foot water skiing
  51. Hold a koala
  52. Properly develop my philosophies
  53. Learn how to use a boomerang
  54. Become a good person
  55. Work with Cirque du Soleil
  56. Become a Canadian
  57. Complete the Iron Man
  58. Make 1001 Paper Cranes
  59. Hold a record in the Guinness Book
  60. Go back to Hong Kong with my father
  61. Become wise or learned
  62. Go to another continent with only a carry-on
  63. Read Les Misérables in French
  64. Learn to shave with a straight razor
  65. Help my sisters pay for University
  66. Lead an interesting and entertaining life
  67. Visit every continent
  68. Run a Billion-Dollar company
  69. Drink espresso in a bistro in Paris
  70. Learn how to Speak French Fluently
  71. Be at the right place at the right time
  72. Learn how to Spanish dance
  73. Learn how to roll a good joint
  74. Learn how to skateboard well enough to ollie
  75. Volunteer in another country
  76. See the northern lights from somewhere worth seeing them
  77. Learn how to play golf
  78. Read the Personal MBA 40