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It’s interesting – I’ve always wanted to be a “sought-after” speaker (I suppose I like hearing myself speak or something like that) as I enjoy public speaking a great deal, and I enjoy the opportunity to practice. Today I attended what I’d consider my first speaking engagement. I’ve been asked to participate in studies and interviews before, but this was the first time I’d been invited to actually speak to an audience on a specific topic – it was interesting to say the least.

Several weeks ago I was emailed by an MBA student from Sir Wilfrid Laurier University, she was asking if she could interview me for her studies in entrepreneurship class. I agreed and after the interview and after the report was submitted, her prof asked if I could visit the class to give a short talk (20 mins followed by 20 mins of questions). Today was that talk

It was interesting speaking to a class of people vastly more qualified than I, about business processes and entrepreneurship – everyone was drawing their own conclusions about my abilities as a business owner and entrepreneur, and all the while I was reviewing what I was saying as well.

Over all I was surprised at the types of questions being asked – I was expecing more stumpers and difficult questions, but it seemed that the questions were of a more philosophical nature: why I wanted to be an entrepreneur, what have been some of my largest difficulties, and the like. I suppose this means that experienced or not, we all have the same curiosities when encountered with someone or something new.

So although this marks a new point in my goals of becoming a “sought-after” speaker, It was rather anti-climatic. I did, however, have the opportunity to meet some very engaging people (actually bumped into Jim Graaskamp again) and I got a T-Shirt for it 🙂


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