Learning to Play Golf

So in the spirit of self-improvement I’m trying to learn how to play golf. A few weeks ago I purchased a ridiuclously cheap set of clubs (so that I won’t miss them should they be destroyed in my attempts to learn) and since then I’ve been to the driving range once with Jeff H, then yesterday I joined a friend out to play a round of golf at a local golf course.? It was an interesting experience.

I’m a big fan of people trying to improve their skills and broadning their horizon’s, and for me learning how to play golf is part of that. Not only is it the latest addition to my list of things to accomplish in life, but I’ve heard it said that it’s a great way to seal business deals.

During the round I managed to keep my numbers down to the following:

Lost Balls: 2
Mulligans: 1
10-Shot Holes: 3
Beers: 1
Strokes: 131

Shooting par for the course in the back nine was a humbling experience, but I did have a blast. On top of that, I learned that there is a golf course quite close to my appartment – and they open at 7:00 AM so I’m intending to go a couple of times each week before work to practice my game.

Oh yes – and the same day, Penny Arcade published a humorously apt comic.


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