Judging, Travelling, Developing Oh My

I’ve always wondered how judges and officials were selected for competitions – do they ask for the chance? Are the randomly called up? Is the event simply advertised and marketed with their names, leaving them no option? Last week I was invited to judge the final found of UW Apprentice. I was intrigued, as it was an event I’d originally debated participating in, and now I was being given the opportunity to judge it. To quote a famous cartoon nuclear power-plan owner … “Excellent”

I’ll be judging along side Geoff Malleck of the Center for Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology at the University of Waterloo, as well as a couple other people who are yet unknown to me. I’ve been invited because of my recent CIBC SEOY win, and I’m left wondering if my contribution will be worth much. I can’t help but wonder if my limited?business experience will allow me to provide any real valuable judgement and feedback. It raises the question – what is more valuable, real world experience, or educational training.

On the topic of experience vs. training, I’ve bookmarked a list of books that I’d like to chew through, or at least evaluate: The Personal MBA 40. I’ve already read #34, #29, and #4 – but I’ve found that?it seems to be light on the high-tech subject matter. I’m debating reworking the list into a high-tech PMBA 40. Any takers?

On the subject of Travelling, next week I’ll be hitting Ottawa again for my next meeting on a project. This is the first of our projects with Martin Horne and it’s exciting the progress that has been made. We’re finishing up some SEO work for the project as well as traffic generation – having a blast and the travelling is always fun. At least I’m sure I’ll find better facilities than the last time I was there.

And on a more topical development front, David, the new developer at Lewis Media, has been a great help and we’re all looking forward to biting into development on WebAdmin v3 – which is promising to be quite the exciting product. We’re moving away from strictly content management, to more site management. Our clients have been looking for more control over different tools, rather than just the content, so we’re going to oblige. What will be a real focus is leveraging PHP’s more recent object-oriented features, as well as some more recently-developed UI elements we have.


VP HCM Products at NetSuite and Founder of TribeHR and Lewis Media. Waterloo Region Enthusiast and active volunteer.

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