So you’re travelling eh?

If you’re traveling, have you ever thought to maintain a travel blog? If not, perhaps you should check out – TravelPod is a project based out of Ottawa that I was hooked into by Martin Horne. We’re providing SEO expertise and some development assistance as the company grows. The whole thing is growing so quickly that they actually just moved to a new data center.

But I digress…TravelPod provides free travel blogs to people who register. This way they can stay in touch with family and friends while they’re abroad. It has a whole myriad of intriguing features, including a pretty nifty map tool that can help you track your trip (rather reminiscient of Indiana Jones)

It’s been quite the exciting project, as we’re trying to ramp the site traffic up using a mix of PR, PPC and organic techniques. There are a few competitive tools out there, however I haven’t yet found one with as interesting a founder.


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