Aggregators and Social Networks

You know what I’d like to see? A good add-on or plugin to a popular instant messenger that would connect an RSS aggregator with the idea of social networks.

I realized that I read a lot of blogs – I currently use FeedDemon to read them. In order to read them I need to be connected to the internet, so it would be really neat if there were a way to publish your reading list, and to perhaps sync up with other people’s lists to see what they read.

It would be useful because I’ve found that I’m connecting to other blogs based on the link patterns of the ones I currently read, but it’s a less than ideal process.

Additionally it would be an interesting dynamic, because you could even incorporate functionality of flagging articles of interest, which would notify the people who subscribe to your blogroll.

Perhaps someone will stumble across this post and develop the software for me, as I lack the time right now 😉


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