Spam from SPAMIS and Management Issues

Today I recieved an interesting email from “SPAMIS” – the Strategic Partnership Against Microsoft Illegal Spam. Supposedly Microsoft is sending out a lot of Spam. I could go on about how ironic this email is, considering the sender, but it was documented much better by someone else.

And, thanks to The Entreprexplorer, I stumbled across an interesting article that I’m going to print off to present as the education minute at my next BNI meeting. The article is The craftsman-to-manager complex over at Communication Nation.

To sneak out a snippent to whet your whistle:

Do any of these things sound familiar?

1) You do work that your employees should be doing because ?It?s easier to do it myself than hand it off”?

2) You work long hours, getting in early and staying late

3) Your team lacks morale, or seems stressed out most of the time, or both!

You may be suffering from the craftsman-to-manager paradox. Here?s how it works:

Instead of posting more here, I direct you to the original post.


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