Purpose of Blogging

It’s been a while since my last post, which started me thinking again about the purpose of blogging. I used to run a blog while I was China to keep people in the loop, but shortly after coming back I ended my affair with online journals: I realized that I wasn’t enjoying what I was reading. More and more people were using their journals as a way to communicate things to people that they didn’t want to say directly. Rather than being a way to facilitate communications, they were becoming “he-said-she-said” tools. Additionally, people were beginning to use their journals as a primary method of communication: they would assume others would read their journal. I encountered many situations where friends were appalled that others hadn’t read their journal. This apalled me. To me, a journal is a place where I can post comments, thoughts, articles etc. that I want to reflect on later, or that I think others may be interested in reading on their own time. There is no obligation for others to read my journal – in fact, if you’ve elected not to read my journal (and thus won’t see this) I won’t be offended in the least.

A lot has happened over the last month or so (since my last post) so I’ll try to sum-up things in a nice categorized areas.

Of Partnership Woes

I am now, officially, the sole shareholder and director of Lewis Media Inc., Jeff and I have signed the papers and now I’m just going through the requisite government paperwork to disolve the partnership and to transfer the assets into the new corporation. It’s been an experience, this change of events. For the last few months, Jeff has been on a personal sabbatical, and until November, I’d been working on solutions that would include his returning to Lewis Media. This month though, we agreed that for the time being, this wasn’t going to be feasible, and so I’ve bought out his share. It’s a real dissapointment – some of the best times in my life have been working with Jeff, building Lewis Media and OnMyBlock.ca and it’s a shame that he won’t be a direct part of that for the forseeable future. The silver lining though, is that it’s giving me the opportunity to incorporate the company (which it was overdue for) and the impetus to revise and update the business plan, which hasn’t been touched in nigh 18 months.

Loss of a Salesman

For those of you that recall, I was very excited last month about the hiring or Graham as a Business Development Outside Sales representative. Unfortunately, this month he elected to move back home to Thunder Bay and so is no longer a member of the LM team. It was unfortunate because he was really beginning to see some progress on the leads he was pursuing, and he was our first hire from the University of Waterloo (the MBET program to be more specific).

Award Nomination

To end on a high-note, I was recently nominated for the Greater KW Chamber of Commerce’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for this year – I just got my nomination supplemental package in, so we’ll see how it goes. The winner will be announced in February.

Anyway, I’ll try to include some more relevant, and intriguing information in my next post.


VP HCM Products at NetSuite and Founder of TribeHR and Lewis Media. Waterloo Region Enthusiast and active volunteer.

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