Of Successes and Moving Forward

I’m back from my week “off” and it’s been an interesting 5 days getting back into things. We’ve got a couple of projects that seem to have been derailed in my absense, which is never a pleasant thing – but very importantly, our team has renewed it’s focus and I’m feeling very positive about 2006! This week in particular has been particularly enlightening. The following is a brief review.

Staffing Growth

On Monday of this week Andy joined the team as a Business Development – Sales Representative. This has been an exciting development, as I met Andy through Leadership Waterloo Region – which is an excellent testimonial for them! Andy’s a fantastic person and I’ve got great enthusiasm about him joining the team!

Lunch & Learn

It was Dave’s turn to run the lunch and learn this time around, and he picked a pretty heavy topic for this (Andy’s first) session – enthusiasm and motivation. At the end of 2005, with the holidays coming around, and things going a little slowly, Dave said he noticed a bit of palling of enthusiasm at LMI, and so he wanted to talk about ways to enhance the enthusiasm, and it really came down to a question of focus. Which set the tone fantastically for the group, as I’ve been wrestling with how to focus the group for a strategic planning retreat (something we started doing last year, and which I want to continue this year). So with renewed focus with Lewis Media, this year is looking at being truly electric!


I’ve wanted to support not-for-profit and volunteer organizations through LMI for a while, and so I initiatied a program where employees could take up to 2 hours per week as paid time to participate in volunteer activities. To date, the traction hasn’t been as strong as I’d hoped. However, today at the Leadership Waterloo Region community learning day, I was given some truly excellent advice. And so I’ll bring it back to the team at the office, and I’ll post the responses here once I do.

MasterMind Group

With some other local business owners, I started a MasterMind group. Currently there are only four of us in the group, but we meet monthly to help eachother grow our business – the result has been fantastic. Everything that I’ve spoken about that has happened during this week, kind of culminated in my MasterMind meeting tonight, where they really took me to task with regards to growing LMI beyond the current status. For those of you that don’t know what a mastermind group is – here is a good link: How to Create and Run a Mastermind Group


VP HCM Products at NetSuite and Founder of TribeHR and Lewis Media. Waterloo Region Enthusiast and active volunteer.

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