Jazz and Entrepreneurship Part II

Up until recently, I’d assumed that this blog was more of a private history of thoughts and impressions – however a couple of recent comments made to me (here and in person) made me realize this isn’t the case. Not that this was ever intended to be a private blog – more that I didn’t realize others were actually reading it 😉

Back to the topic of Jazz and Entrepreneurship, I think that one of the things that really illustrates the correlation is the idea of artistry vs. fundamentals. As much as Jass is about improvisation, it’s also about knowing the fundamentals. A lot of the most renowed Jazz Musicians are excellent studies of musical theory and have practiced the basics endlessly for that creativity to come out. I feel as though entrepreneurship is similiar in many ways – although there are those entrerpreneurs who luck into success, I believe that the vast majority of the successfull ones (especially serial entrepreneurs) have a solid foundation of business basics and fundamentals.

As someone who doesn’t have this foundation, I often find myself wondering how long improvisation will be sufficient. At some point, I truly believe I will need to return to school to find that foundation, or hire it into the company. As the company grows, it will require a stronger and stronger foundation, and I’m not sure that I’m the one to provide that.

However, that being said, things are moving forward well. Next week Andy will be giving his informercial – he’s stepped up and will be sharing with us ways that LMI can become involved with a local charity/not-for-profit. I’m hoping that we can establish a long-term relationship with a not-for-profit and actually make a difference in it as part of our committment to community growth. It’ll be interesting to see how that effects the group at work, I’m hoping it brings everyone closer together.

Oh yes – and our first ever snowboarding trip looks like it’s going to be rained out. Stupid quirky January weather. Plan B seems to be bowling.


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