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Last night I was interviewed by a group of 7 students from UW as part of their ECON 220 Class (Principles of Entrepreneurship) – it was really quite interesting, they had the most comprehensive list of questions I have ever seen for an interview. It was rather intimidating at first. Over all the interview went very very smoothly and I was impressed by the thoroughness of their questions?- they showed a lot of insight. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a few other similar interviews, but this one definitely stood out from the crowd as an exceptionally engaging experience.

After the interview several of us went for wings at Morty’s where we spoke about everything from TV Shows to technology to what graduates are looking for when applying for jobs. As a small business owner, I’d have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by what this group of 4th year computer science and engineering students thought:

  • Balance between personal life and professional life was very important. They didn’t want to work for a company that would demand their soul
  • They wanted the opportunity to stay in touch with family and friends, so moving wasn’t that much of an interest
  • Benefits pacakges were a nice perk, but by far not required
  • Renumeration was something they tied to the size of the company – they believed that a job at Amazon should pay more than a comprable job at a small company
  • They wanted a great environment – something team based where they could feel comfortable hanging out
  • They valued a culture that had social elements – where the team would go out after work occasionally

I think the reason that these comments struck such a chord with me, is that they’re almost identical to what we’re trying to create here at Lewis Media.

Well, it’s a Friday and it’s almost time to pack up here at work – hopefully the weekend will go well, and I’ll get the chance to finish the updates to our Privacy Policy that I’ve been working on.


VP HCM Products at NetSuite and Founder of TribeHR and Lewis Media. Waterloo Region Enthusiast and active volunteer.

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