When Business Isn’t Just About Business

It’s been a busy, busy second half of the month – I’ve had a whirlwind time at the office, and not all of it is directly related to my day-to-day activities. To quote a famous swashbuckler "Let me explain…no, no there is too much. Let me sum up."

On the work-related side of things, I’ve been working with Ben Wagner from IRAP with regards to the internal development initiatives here at LMI as well as with regards to some of the more interesting funding programs available through the governement. I’d also been in discussions with an independant consultant and a local accounting firm, and although I haven’t yet finalized the route I’ll be taking, I’ve learned a lot during this process.

As well my mastermind group has been going exceptionally well – this month we had two new people attend who may be joining the group, bringing us up to my personal target of six. It’s been an interesting process – they’re really doing a great job of making sure I’m doing what’s necessary. I also recently met with one member of the group, to spend some time working on our respective marketing plans – a process that has been very helpful for me.

On the more personal front though, there are really two things that have been keeping things hopping: Leadership Waterloo Region, and my education. At the last community learning day on Diversity, we had an excellent speaker introduce us to some new ways to look at racism and sexism. A lot of the examples and illustrations he drew on were new to me, and he was able to phrase things in a way that was much more illuminating than any other diversity facilitator I’ve worked with in the past. I’m hoping to post my thoughts on the things I learned over the next couple weeks here….

As well, I started reading the Leadership Challenge again from the beginning (the textbook that comes with the course) and have been highlighting lines and comments that strike a chord, that resonate with me. I’m amazed at how engaging this process hass been – and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to find the time to condense these points into a more digestible form for myself.

Finally – as mentioned above – my education has become a matter of interest again. I’ve learned from the CEAB (Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board) that it is not a requirement that a student attend an engineering degree full-time, and that rather it’s a University of Waterloo dictum. And so I’ve begun the process of trying to schedule the completion of my degree. Ideally I’d like to be able to take one or two courses a term till I have completed it, but we’ll see what’s possible.


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