Interesting Weekend Ahead

This is going to be an interesting weekend – today I’m acting as a judge for the UW In-House Competition for UWDEX ( It was an early morning, however things seem to be picking up steam as the judge’s room is filled now and everyone is reading up on what’s expected of them. For those that don’t know what DEX is:

Delta Epsilon Chi (DEX) is a non-profit organization that spans across North America and joins post-secondary students together to engage in business related activities. DEX’s programs and activities are focused on helping its members grow and develop as professional marketing and management leaders. DEX is the post-secondary division of DECA, a North American high school association for students interested in business and marketing.

I’ll be presiding over a pair of sessions – a Business Ethics simulation, and an Entrepreneurial similuation centering around FedHall (an events hall on UW campus).

What’s going to truly ratchet up the weekend though, will be?tomorrow. I’ll be leaving for Collingwood for our 2-day retreat where we’ll be revisiting LMI’s strategic plan for the year. I’ll be meeting with my mother and Eric for the first day to adress things from a top-down approach, but the rest of the team will be arriving Sunday evening..

Things are starting – I’ll finish this post later……


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