No Wins, but New Staff, New Server, and New Projects

So I’m still a big fat 0 on the Roll-up-the-rim contest. The score at the office is running at:

Dave: 9/52
Joseph: 0/34
Andy: 1/25
Derek: 0/0
Anne: 4/9
Eric: 0/4
Kelly: 2/5

To make things even more pointed, someone pointed me to the distribution of cups and prizes, and that I live in Ontario, and drink only XL coffees, I should have the highest probability of winning. Hah.

Either way, things are still going well as Kelly just finished her first week at LMI, and she’s already cranked out a number of design peices that are bound to please as well as a bunch of Flash work that is looking good. The welcome lunch went well and she’s fitting in well with everyone else, that and it seems she’s as much of a geek as we all are 🙂

With Kelly on board, and Anne and Eric here we’re up to 7 full time now, which is truly very exciting. Next step is another sales and an admin person as soon as costs settle back in again. We also ordered a new server, which is a pleasant thing, as the upgraded specs will allow us to access everything a lot more quickly, and we’ll be able to make use of some of the neat bells & whistles that come with Windows Server 2003. That and we’ll be able to clear off Jakarta, freeing up another computer for general use.

Finally, we also have some exciting new projects that we’re working on, including the Litter Reduction Task force for Waterloo Region, and the Waterloo Law Association. We recently launched, which was a fun combination of country music and psychology – and we’re chugging away merrily on a couple of other projects that should also be launching soon. It should be a good week!

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