Far Flung Networks

Every businessman, businesswoman, entrepreneur and mentor will espouse the values of a comprehensive and well-maintained network. However, every so often I am reminded of one of the true joys of building a great network of friends and peers: the people.

This past week I reconnected with a good friend of mine that I haven’t spoken to in far, far too long: Wain Collen. Wain was the manager brought in to the Aston English School I was teaching at in Qing Dao in 2002. He was a truly gifted individual who was not only very personable, but very engaging and supremely intelligent. I was lucky enough to benefit from his insight and friendship for several months while I was in Qingdao, and it was with sad regret that we parted ways in 2003 when the school closed. Last week though, he forwarded me an email regarding glacier destruction in Chile, and we were able to catch up.

Normally, when we think of “networks” we usually think of friends, my family, and peers – people who live and work in our communities (be they geographic or virtual). This week though – I was reminded that our networks will shift and move with the people we stay connected with, be they next door, or in the Amazon jungle teaching english to a small village (as Wain is right now).

Thanks Wain, for staying in touch, and for reminding me to not be a stranger 🙂


VP HCM Products at NetSuite and Founder of TribeHR and Lewis Media. Waterloo Region Enthusiast and active volunteer.


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