Attended a Wedding

So…we’re on a trip to celebrate our wedding…and what do we do, but attend another! 🙂 It was fun – we attended a cousin’s cousin’s son’s (2nd cousin once removed?) wedding. There were over 300 people at the restaurant, and the food was pretty good. The bride looked great, but she only changed dresses once. They had these neat confetti-blasting tubes that seemed to be a lot of fun (but a pain to clean up after) and the MC did a great job of keeping the crowd active. Of course, he was speaking way too fast for me to catch most of the content, but the stuff I did understand made me laugh.

During the dinner we were seated with some family, one couple brought their 2-year old daughter. I have never met a more well-behaved 2-year old. She was also very bright (although too shy/nervous to speak much) and understood almost everything said to her (even more complex instructions about how to browse through photos on the digital camera).

Also duiring the dinner, I was paraded by 3 different tables of distant relatives so they could “see the foriegner”. The Groom’s mother seemed to get a kick out of talking to me – weird. A bunch of them said I look like Dashan (a famous Canadian in China). Go figure.


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