Bistro November Update

November’s update is an interesting one for those of us that really enjoy programming challenges – it includes a lot of behind-the-scenes upgrades and enhancements. The systems that will be impacted by this update are:

  • Bistro Core (
  • Blog (1.4)
  • Login Access System (1.3)
  • Member Access System (1.5)
  • Menu Manager (1.9)
  • Online Store (1.15)
  • Product Catalog (1.2)
  • Testimonials Manager (1.6)

More specifically, this update incorporates a new core sytem called the Core Extension System. This allows us to upgrade Bistro with new components that lay dormant in a website until they are needed in the future. The primary purpose of this right now, is that we’re migrating a lot of the e-commerce functions that were previously only available in the Online Store, and centralizing them – which will allow other Bistro modules and features to incorporate e-commerce functionality. More Specifically, this will allow us to complete a Registration List module that will allow site owners to sell registrations to online classes, memberships and events.

Beyond this, additional updates include:

  • Online store products can now include a “custom message” as part of purchasing a product (e.g. “Enter your name to be engraved on this product”)
  • The Member Access System can optionally email administrators when members update their profiles
  • the Blog module’s Search Engine Optimization features were upgraded

Our next update should be coming out on Dec 10th, and will be focussing on more outward-facing feature upgrades.


VP HCM Products at NetSuite and Founder of TribeHR and Lewis Media. Waterloo Region Enthusiast and active volunteer.

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