Bistro January Update

The January Bistro update is out – it’s been a busy, busy month – and the update this month includes some interesting feature upgrades (for a full list of updates, you can always read our Software Updates RSS Feed). First off, the Bistro update to includes some small interface improvements:

  • help requests can now be sent with a “troubleshooting package” to make it easier for our support staff to debug issues. The troubleshooting package includes things like recent errors and security alarms, the versions of software running on your website, your browser and version – things that our suppor staff would normally have to ask you about anyway.
  • lists of editable content (like the lists of pages, news items etc.) can now be resized so you can view more entries at a time – this makes it easier to scroll through and find the content you want to edit.
  • we’ve installed a re-ordering framework that will help us make more modules “sortable” – this will allow you to manually sort your content as opposed to relying on the default sorting behaviour (which is usually date-based or alphabetic order).

On the sorting topic above, we’ve started this series of changes by making the Profile Manager sortable (it also has category and subcategory support as well now!) and in the next few updates we’ll start adding that feature to other modules as well. This update also included a number of small bugs and usability issues, as well as the patching of a security issue in the Member Access System (MAS). Other than that, this update also laid the foundation for the next batch of updates that we’re releasing, including a whole docket of new features that will be coming down the pipe. Here’s a preview of some of the upcoming changes:

  1. Public JQuery Support
    In the past, we’ve avoided using JavaScript for public features, however we’ve been experimenting with some new JQuery features that degrade very nicely, so we’ll be adding options to a number of modules to include JQuery improvements like additional Lightbox usage for photos.
  2. Social Bookmarking <- New Module!
    Our Blog module makes extensive use of social bookmarking options, but this module will help designers add social bookmarks to all their content. We’re very pumped about this one!
  3. Auto Tweeter <- New Module!
    When you’re updating your site, this module will allow you to automatically post that update to your Twitter feed, making it easier to keep your social networking tools up-to-date.
  4. Improved Stats
    Although a lot of the sites powered by Bistro use proprietary stats and analytics (like Google Analytics of Omniture), we often field requests for additional stats information, and additional visualization tools. We’re working on some exciting upgrades to our visualization, and should be pushing them live shortly.
  5. SEO Module
    This upgrade and renaming of the URL Manager will include a number of new SEO-related features to make Bistro more search-engine-friendly. Since this will be an upgrade to an existing module, it’s also a free module 🙂

There are a number of new tools and features that we’re working on here at the office, but the above is all I can share right now. Looking forward to when I can share more 😉


VP HCM Products at NetSuite and Founder of TribeHR and Lewis Media. Waterloo Region Enthusiast and active volunteer.

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