It’s that time of month again – release day! And today’s release is a large one touching the Bistro system, our distributor’s website, and nine of the modules. So, here are the highlights of the release to Bistro (for a full list of updates, you can always read our Software Updates RSS Feed).

  • Bistro Core: upgraded the installer, added more information to the trouble shooting packages, improved support agreement controls, and streamlined module installation when downloading new modules
  • Improved logging and error messages in the Page Manager
  • XSS security patch for the Member Access System
  • New Menu Manager AutoStuff tags for Breadcrumbs and Sub Menus
  • The URL Manager has been renamed to the SEO Manager
  • Minor bug fixes in the Contact Us Form, Online Store, and Articles Manager
  • 1.0 Release of the Social Media Manager
  • Improved Performance and Stability Monitoring

Out of these updates, there are a couple of pretty significant changes. First, the “URL Manager” being renamed to the “SEO Manager” includes several new features as well as opening the door for more comprehensive SEO features that were looking for a home. Previously, this module simply generated search-engine-friendly and custom URLs. With today’s release, though, this module now supports XML Site Maps, as well as SEO title override fields (options previously provided through the Title Override module). This change of direction of the URL manager will allow us to further enhance Bistro’s already-impressive SEO features.

A second important note, is the release of the Social Media Manager (SMM) – this is the first of our “Social Networking” modules that are specifically designed to add features to other modules. The SMM gives users the ability to easily add social bookmarking and sharing links to content on their website, or to add these buttons into their theme, for inclusion on every page. Watch out for next month’s follow-on release of our Twitter connector.

The final update worth bringing your attention to, are the new Performance and Stability monitoring tools – although most end-user’s won’t notice these changes in-action, our distributors have been working with them for the past couple of weeks. The new monitoring tools respond even more quickly to site outages, and now include helpful monthly reports for distributors, informing them of the status of the Bistro sites they manage. These reports complement our existing trend-analysis tools, and give our distributors more information to use when helping their clients.


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