Canada 3.0 CRTC Comments

Konrad von Finckenstein, the Chairman of the CRTC, spoke today about internet access. He was answering the question “Canada needs a common vision for the digital media movement” to which his answer was “all Canadians should have access to broadband internet and should be able to fully participate in the digital media”. I may be ruffling some feathers, but I disagree with this.

No, i don’t think we should ignore rural areas of the country, but we do need to admit that such an initiative may not be the most efficient route to a digital media culture, or to fostering an innovation agenda.

High bandwidth drives higher usage and drives new uses of the technology. People use what’s available, in fact higher bandwidth will allow them to envision possibilities they couldn’t previously imagine. As such, we should be putting money into getting higher speeds and more capacity, instead we’re spending money trying to roll out 90’s technology to remote areas of the country.

For example, let’s look at another country that has maade the opposite decision: Japan. Japan is recognized as having the best cost/speed ratio for internet connectivity of any developed country, and just earlier this month they admitted they had an access issue.

However, are the innovative? Well, how about being the #1 most innovative nation?

So, why don’t we shake things up with our telco’s and ask them to slow down on ubiquity, and focus some more energy on raw speed? Food for thought 😛


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