Arts & Culture Confab: A Review

Tonight I attended an interesting meetup of young arts/culture enthusiasts, where the topic of discussion was the Waterloo Region Creative Enterprise initiative and the local cultural scene in general. Although there was some great discussion and debate – here are a couple of the highlights for me:

  • It was suggested that in the efforts to build a more vibrant community, that the University of Waterloo is both our largest asset and our most potent enemny. Although I agree for the most part, I’d further suggest that it’s not the University as a whole, but the co-op program specifically that’s to congratulate and blame.
  • There seemed to be great support for a book club of sorts (less the books). The idea is a group that agrees to collectively visit at least one significant cultural event per month, and to meet for coffee or beer afterwards to discuss and chat. Note – if you’re interested in participating in this, comment on this post or drop me an email (I’ll be coordinating). Or, you can just sign up for the first event.
  • A lot of the attendees will be attending CultureCamp, and afterwards meeting at the Kitchener City Hall Williams to discuss how this informal “young influencers” group can help forward a creative community agenda. Should be a good chat!

There were also a lot of questions, but I’m hoping that ongoing meetups like this will help answer some of them, and provide further food for thought. In the meantime, it’s given me some fantastic new people to connect with over coffee, and some interesting ideas that will need further investigation.

And yes, if you’d like to join this Culture Club idea, drop me a line and get an invitation.

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