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Feels more official now…

It’s amazing how much more “official” something feels once it’s up on our website. Two weeks ago we sent letters out to our clients talking about the news, but it wasn’t until today that we posted the news to our website: We have sold the company. Well, to be more precisely, we’ve actually sold the technology and […] Read More »


It’s that time of month again – release day! And today’s release is a large one touching the Bistro system, our distributor’s website, and nine of the modules. So, here are the highlights of the release to Bistro (for a full list of updates, you can always read our Software Updates RSS Feed). Bistro […] Read More »

Bistro January Update

The January Bistro update is out – it’s been a busy, busy month – and the update this month includes some interesting feature upgrades (for a full list of updates, you can always read our Software Updates RSS Feed). First off, the Bistro update to includes some small interface improvements: help requests can now […] Read More »

Bistro December Update

This month’s update has me really excited – we were able to spend the time to clean up some rough edges that have been sitting our on development roadmap for a while, so this batch of changes includes a lot of little details that had previously been delayed. This month’s updates include: Bistro Core System […] Read More »

Bistro November Update

November’s update is an interesting one for those of us that really enjoy programming challenges – it includes a lot of behind-the-scenes upgrades and enhancements. The systems that will be impacted by this update are: Bistro Core ( Blog (1.4) Login Access System (1.3) Member Access System (1.5) Menu Manager (1.9) Online Store (1.15) Product Catalog […] Read More »

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