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Suggested Book List

Today I put a call out to my contacts on Twitter (my Tweeps? ugh hate that word) to find out what non-fiction books they would recommend. Below is what they came up with (as much to share with others as to help me remember). Any descriptive comments below are from friends – I haven’t read […] Read More »

The World Inside

I read a great post today about the proposed X-Seed 4000, am 800-floor appartment building that would house between 500,00 and 1,000,000 residents, and is taller than Mt. Fuji. If you’d like to know more about the project visit the website I linked to above. And read Robert Silverberg’s “The World Inside”…more on this later.. Read More »

Changing the Image of the “Corporation”

I placed “Corporation” in qutation marks as I am speaking about the undefined, theoretical entity rather than a specific corporation. The film and book The Corporation presented a fascinating look into the history of “the dominant institution of our time“, however I still feel as though it did a poor job of identifying why people […] Read More »

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