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Engineering Enterprise SaaS Pricing


I’m an advocate of data-driven decision-making, and so with TribeHR we spend a lot of time digging into our numbers, both from a business metrics perspective as well as from a product analytics perspective. When the question of product editions came up, we took a data-driven approach to the problem. Why Make the Switch to […] Read More »

12 Rules for Using AngelList Like a Boss


A recent Huffington Post article on AngelList reminded me I need to finish this post – my apologies to those that expected me to post it months ago. There are some fantastic posts about how to get started on AngelList (one of my favourites is Brendan Baker‘s post How to Hustle with AngelList), but I haven’t seen as many […] Read More »

Your Funnel is a Finite State Machine


I’m of the opinion that the startup journey is really just the process of repeated work between “a-ha” moments of key insights. The faster we get to new insights, the better we are at ongoing improvement. I’m writing this post to describe an a-ha moment that happened early on (although earlier would have been better) […] Read More »

5 Workplace Lessons for Gen-Ys

Since working on Tribe, I’ve found myself reading more human resources blogs than ever. A common theme among them is “understanding Gen-Y employees”. I find it ironic that although so much effort is being spent discussing how to communicate with members of Gen-Y, very little attention is being paid to using these channels to discuss the […] Read More »

Are you actually recognizing diversity in your workplace?

I’ve noticed an interesting trend in speaking with employers of late: everyone is paying attention to the problems and issues posed by employing “Gen Y” workers. They recognize that there are cultural value differences between the generations, and they work to accomodate those changes. I am, however, very concerned. While managers focus their energy on […] Read More »

Insourcing An Interesting Concept

I recently read an article (unfortunately I can’t find the URL) that spoke about a phenomenon called Insourcing. I tried to look it up later, and found a number of pages discussing a variety of things, and even the great-resource-that-is had nothing about the subject. In short, the article spoke about a different type of […] Read More »

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