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Wry Twist – China Monetary Policies vs. Maintenance Work

In a wry twist of fate, we have a small maintenance project at work that’s been impacted by an international economic governance situation. At CIGI (The Centre for International Governance Innovation) we recently installed a TV Studio for doing live media hits. As part of the setup, we’re installing an upgrade to our security system. […] Read More »

Attended a Wedding

So…we’re on a trip to celebrate our wedding…and what do we do, but attend another! It was fun – we attended a cousin’s cousin’s son’s (2nd cousin once removed?) wedding. There were over 300 people at the restaurant, and the food was pretty good. The bride looked great, but she only changed dresses once. They […] Read More »

Far Flung Networks

Every businessman, businesswoman, entrepreneur and mentor will espouse the values of a comprehensive and well-maintained network. However, every so often I am reminded of one of the true joys of building a great network of friends and peers: the people. This past week I reconnected with a good friend of mine that I haven’t spoken […] Read More »

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