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12 Rules for Using AngelList Like a Boss


A recent Huffington Post article on AngelList reminded me I need to finish this post – my apologies to those that expected me to post it months ago. There are some fantastic posts about how to get started on AngelList (one of my favourites is Brendan Baker‘s post How to Hustle with AngelList), but I haven’t seen as many […] Read More »

A Modest Entrepreneur Week Proposal

This year’s Entrepreneur Week in Waterloo was a blast (kudos to Communitech for running a great program), and coming out of it, a number of things struck me: Too many of the events sold out Many people missed the round-table sessions like the “chapter” events in the past StartupCamp was absolutely packed Read More »

Launching Waterloo.TechStartup.ca

It’s been a long and tumultuous road, but a few days ago Jesse Rodgers and I opened the curtains on a project that we’ve been working on with Thom Ryan at Communitech: http://Waterloo.TechStartup.ca It’s a simple idea – we’re trying to answer the questions “What’s going on?” and “Who’s doing it?” The site is intended […] Read More »

Brush With Art Fundraising Event

Here’s an interesting event coming up: it’s being held at the Accelerator Centre and it’s a fundraiser for the local arts scene. Brush with Art Fundraising EventReception and Silent Auction with RefreshmentsDate: Thursday November 5th, 7pm – 9pmLocation: Accelerator Centre, Room 240Cost: $25 There’s no official website that I could find for it – but […] Read More »

Redknee GovWorks.com and… Lewis Media?

Today I gave my presentation at Chapter 3 (part of E-Week from Communitech) and it went off beautifully. I am relieved, satisfied and still a little perplexed about my selected to be the introductory speaker at the event. To put it into context, I was invited to be the first of three speakers. The second […] Read More »

Why Google Scares Me

The reason I’m scared of Google is that so many people say they love them….this will allow them to bend rules and get around common sense in a way that no other company could. Back in 2004, Google announced that they were going to start scanning hundreds upon hundreds upon thousands of books. Now, of […] Read More »

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