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Peer Learning Experiment

I had a great conversation with a friend yesterday, where we talked about how important it is to be always learning new things, and about how important it is to be always sharing the knowledge that you have. Our conversation meandered to Japanese history, to math to ideas about changing the way our education system […] Read More »

Celebrity CEOs in Social Ventures and NFPs

There’s a great discussion going on at Venture4Change today, and one of the topics is on the role of the Leader/Entrepreneur/CEO in a Social Enterprise or NFP – the consensus at the table is that social enterprises need to eliminate the role of the “Celebrity CEO” and rather focus on building depth and breadth in […] Read More »

Arts & Culture Confab: A Review

Tonight I attended an interesting meetup of young arts/culture enthusiasts, where the topic of discussion was the Waterloo Region Creative Enterprise initiative and the local cultural scene in general. Although there was some great discussion and debate – here are a couple of the highlights for me: Read More »

Waterloo Arts – What Would I Change?

Yesterday I presented at the Creative Community Forum (if you have no idea what I spoke about – here is a blog post with my thoughts). After the talk I was asked “Then what would you change?” Here’s my answer: Fundamentally, this is a communications problem. Additional services (like an Arts Accelerator) will help, but […] Read More »

Arts and Culture will keep Young Innovators in our Community

Today was the Creative Enterprise Forum at the Waterloo Inn (if you weren’t there, it would be good to read The Record’s coverage and Julianna Yau’s notes) and I was asked to speak to why it was important to young professionals. It’s an interesting topic, because the economic importance of a vibrant arts and cultural […] Read More »

Are you actually recognizing diversity in your workplace?

I’ve noticed an interesting trend in speaking with employers of late: everyone is paying attention to the problems and issues posed by employing “Gen Y” workers. They recognize that there are cultural value differences between the generations, and they work to accomodate those changes. I am, however, very concerned. While managers focus their energy on […] Read More »

Waterloo Region Culture: Web Roundup

Waterloo Region is a great place to live, but it pains me to say that we have very fragmented communities of interest. Common complaints that I hear from people in Tech, Entrepreneurial and Student communities are “there isn’t enough going on” or “organizations don’t advertise their events well enough“. Well, here is a non-comprehensive list […] Read More »

Waterloo Region is a Lava Flow

Lava flows are dangerous things: a seemingly calm and cool crust hides the roiling fire and energy beneath. Right now, Waterloo Region feels very much the same… On the surface our community is easy to describe, and appears to be almost subdued: yes we have an exciting high tech scene, but that’s old news to […] Read More »

Managing the loss of good people

I’ve always been proud of our efforts to create a dynamic, vibrant, and collaborative culture at Lewis Media – with the sale of the business though, it means we needed to dismantle our team – the most important part of any organization’s culture. When we were building Lewis Media’s culture, the things we tried to […] Read More »

Changing the Image of the “Corporation”

I placed “Corporation” in qutation marks as I am speaking about the undefined, theoretical entity rather than a specific corporation. The film and book The Corporation presented a fascinating look into the history of “the dominant institution of our time“, however I still feel as though it did a poor job of identifying why people […] Read More »

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