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Engineering Enterprise SaaS Pricing


I’m an advocate of data-driven decision-making, and so with TribeHR we spend a lot of time digging into our numbers, both from a business metrics perspective as well as from a product analytics perspective. When the question of product editions came up, we took a data-driven approach to the problem. Why Make the Switch to […] Read More »

Your Funnel is a Finite State Machine


I’m of the opinion that the startup journey is really just the process of repeated work between “a-ha” moments of key insights. The faster we get to new insights, the better we are at ongoing improvement. I’m writing this post to describe an a-ha moment that happened early on (although earlier would have been better) […] Read More »

Better Laptop Theft Prevention

I spend a lot of time a lot of time in coffee shops, and one of the things that always frustrates me is having to either pack up my laptop to go to the washroom or get a coffee, or pull out the extensive laptop locking strap and feal with the worries of someone tripping […] Read More »

The Results Are In

It has been a long time since I have posted – and there are many reasons, however the most pressing one was that I was trying to complete the few courses I elected to take this term. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I decided to try and inch my way towards my degree […] Read More »

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