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Google Comes to Waterloo

As broken by Gary Will, Google is Coming to Waterloo in the form of a buy-out of Reqwireless, a local wireless software development company. Mark Evans of Financial Post fame wrote an excellent article of it, and mentions it in his blog. “From what I can tell, Reqwireless makes wireless browser and e-mail software, although […] Read More »

Google is Scary Afternote

As an interesting note on my earlier posts about Google: http://www.webpronews.com/blogtalk/blogtalk/wpn-58-20051019MorePublishersSueGoogle.html Seems Brad Hill reports that the American Association of Publishers has sued Google over its Google Print book scanning initiative, following suit (literally, pardon the pun) with the Author’s Guild, which did the same a month ago. Read More »

Why Google Scares Me: Another nail in the coffin

Wow. This is interesting, apparently a previous case is actually in support of Google’s use of copyrighted material. As explained here … …all of these objections from publishers may yield little in court because of case law and Fair Use guidelines. As this copyright analysis from Jonathan Band goes to great lengths to explain, ArribaSoft […] Read More »

Google Follow Up

Here is an interesting article that was published yesterday on Wired: Google Takes On Copyright Laws. “If Google is seen as being permitted to do this without any response, then probably others will do it,” said Allan Adler, a vice president at the Association of American Publishers. “You would have a proliferation of databases of […] Read More »

Why Google Scares Me Part II

Earlier this month, I had a short commentary on why Google scares me, and yesterday they reinforced that thought with College Life, Powered by Google – a new site that combines all their most popular services in a nice easy-to-use bundle for college students. Google is very, very good at manipulating information (not that this […] Read More »

Why Google Scares Me

The reason I’m scared of Google is that so many people say they love them….this will allow them to bend rules and get around common sense in a way that no other company could. Back in 2004, Google announced that they were going to start scanning hundreds upon hundreds upon thousands of books. Now, of […] Read More »

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