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The 3 Things Startup Founders Need to Know About HR


This post was originally posted to the Forbes CIO Network here: The 3 Things Startup Founders Need to Know About HR Ask any startup CEO to rank their greatest challenges, and inevitably human resources makes the list. For new ventures, a little preparation can mean the difference between creating a culture of success, or becoming […] Read More »

5 Workplace Lessons for Gen-Ys

Since working on Tribe, I’ve found myself reading more human resources blogs than ever. A common theme among them is “understanding Gen-Y employees”. I find it ironic that although so much effort is being spent discussing how to communicate with members of Gen-Y, very little attention is being paid to using these channels to discuss the […] Read More »

No Wins, but New Staff, New Server, and New Projects

So I’m still a big fat 0 on the Roll-up-the-rim contest. The score at the office is running at: Dave: 9/52 Joseph: 0/34 Andy: 1/25 Derek: 0/0 Anne: 4/9 Eric: 0/4 Kelly: 2/5 To make things even more pointed, someone pointed me to the distribution of cups and prizes, and that I live in Ontario, […] Read More »

Collaborative Interviews Culture Building

Today we’re trying something new in the interview process – I’m not sure what to call it (perhaps there’s a term already) but for now I’m calling it collaborative interviews. The point of the exercise is to start developing the right sense of culture early on within Lewis Media. I’ve got some pretty agressive goals […] Read More »

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