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How Chevy Won SXSWi

I just came back from SXSWi, and the best way to describe it was mardi-gras for geeks. Although I had a blast and managed to fill my days with sessions, speakers, and productive meetings, what was most striking was the torrent of marketing activity going on. Yes, there were dozens of mobile place-based and group messaging apps […] Read More »

Quick-Mover’s Disadvantage

Unfortunately, Google Wave is officially in the DeadPool. What’s truly unfortunate about this, though, is that it highlights an issue: organizations that put significant money and effort behind an unproven technology, particularly when that technology is backed by a “reliable” player like Google. Read More »

Web Entrepreneurs as Citizens and Leaders

Fred Wilson made a post yesterday describing how  Web Entrepreneurs are the New Urban Architects.  Although he’s correct in many in his observations, I don’t think he has gone far enough. I believe today’s Web Entrepreneurs are the New Citizens. What unifies the examples Fred gave (Twitter, Foursquare, Outside.in, CitySourced, etc) and other Web Entrepreneurs […] Read More »

Social Enteprise: UK vs. Canada

Today I attended a presentation at MaRS on Social Entrepreneurship and Social Finance, and theme of the day was pretty plain: as a country we are falling woefully behind. However, stats only show one side… To bring everyone to the same page, when I describe “Social Entrepreneurs” and “Social Enterprise”, I’m talking about individuals and […] Read More »

2 Missed Opportunities for Newspapers

Over the course of a decade, we have changed how we consume news and journalism. Articles like Mashable’s update on Google Reader highlights how our information consumption has taken on a tone of immediacy and documented social interaction. In light of that – it surprises me that major news organizations missed the boat on both […] Read More »

Canada 3.0 Recap

Yesterday marked the 2nd and last day of the Canada 3.0 Digital Media Conference, and although it was an energetic and exciting event, there were definitely some areas for improvement. So what happened at the conference?For those that didn’t attend the conference, here is Jesse Rodgers’s recap of the event, and here is my review […] Read More »

Canada 3.0 CRTC Comments

Konrad von Finckenstein, the Chairman of the CRTC, spoke today about internet access. He was answering the question “Canada needs a common vision for the digital media movement” to which his answer was “all Canadians should have access to broadband internet and should be able to fully participate in the digital media”. I may be […] Read More »

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