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Working on #33 From My List

#33 from The List is to learn how to play the drums – and although I haven’t yet picked up a full kit yet, I’m now in the market to find one. I’m debating between a full starter kit (bass, snare, high-hats, ride, crash and tops) or picking up an electronic drum kit. The hinging […] Read More »

Additions to The List and Another Fortune

Today I added two things to my list of stuff to do in life – one is a recent insight, the other is something that’s been nagging at me for a few months. One of the other members of my Leadership Waterloo Region class mentioned that she was working on a similar list, and had […] Read More »

Learning to Play Golf

So in the spirit of self-improvement I’m trying to learn how to play golf. A few weeks ago I purchased a ridiuclously cheap set of clubs (so that I won’t miss them should they be destroyed in my attempts to learn) and since then I’ve been to the driving range once with Jeff H, then […] Read More »

Speaking Engagements

It’s interesting – I’ve always wanted to be a “sought-after” speaker (I suppose I like hearing myself speak or something like that) as I enjoy public speaking a great deal, and I enjoy the opportunity to practice. Today I attended what I’d consider my first speaking engagement. I’ve been asked to participate in studies and […] Read More »

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