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Tool Search – Content Sharing / Collaboration

I’m looking for a tool – and I’m hoping that the magic of the interweb can help me find something. I’m working with a development team in Africa on a project for CIGI and we’re looking around for a new way to share content between the development teams. Here are some of the characteristics we’re […] Read More »

Why I read my news online

For the last few weeks I’ve been experimenting with what it feels like to read a print newspaper every day. I chose to use the National Post for this experiment (although I occasionally swap it out for a Globe & Mail). Today, unequivocally, I’m reverting to my online-only habits. The reason? Simply put: the local […] Read More »

2 Missed Opportunities for Newspapers

Over the course of a decade, we have changed how we consume news and journalism. Articles like Mashable’s update on Google Reader highlights how our information consumption has taken on a tone of immediacy and documented social interaction. In light of that – it surprises me that major news organizations missed the boat on both […] Read More »

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