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Quick-Mover’s Disadvantage

Unfortunately, Google Wave is officially in the DeadPool. What’s truly unfortunate about this, though, is that it highlights an issue: organizations that put significant money and effort behind an unproven technology, particularly when that technology is backed by a “reliable” player like Google. Read More »

SMF Revisited

I haven’t spent much time with the folks at Simple Machines Form in a long time, but I was recently given the opportunity to discuss the question of what I would have done differently, if we’d started the project knowing what we now know. The question is a hard one – because our motivations at […] Read More »

Open Source Not Reliable? Misinterpration

It really, truly frustrates me when people don’t really listen to a statement, and instead read into it the meaning they were expecting – then become truly enraged about it. CNet has an article entitled “Microsoft: Open Source ‘not reliable or dependable’” in which Jonathan Murray, the vice president of CTO of Microsoft Europe was […] Read More »

Free Software

People often wonder about whether or not SMF will go the route of becoming paid software. I can see why they worry – with several industry heavyweights having done it in the past (Ikonboard and Invision Power Board most notably) it’s?a common fear. Others question it because they don’t believe a company can exist just […] Read More »

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