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No Wins, but New Staff, New Server, and New Projects

So I’m still a big fat 0 on the Roll-up-the-rim contest. The score at the office is running at: Dave: 9/52 Joseph: 0/34 Andy: 1/25 Derek: 0/0 Anne: 4/9 Eric: 0/4 Kelly: 2/5 To make things even more pointed, someone pointed me to the distribution of cups and prizes, and that I live in Ontario, […] Read More »

The All Important Score

I’m at 0/9 – that’s 0 wins in 9 attempts. But what, you may ask, is the competition? Tim Horton’s Roll-Up-The-Rim, that’s what. Traditionally, I have quite the apalling track record – one year I recall having something like 1 win in 22 atttempts. This year, however, we’re keeping track at the office – right […] Read More »

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