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Tool Search – Content Sharing / Collaboration

I’m looking for a tool – and I’m hoping that the magic of the interweb can help me find something. I’m working with a development team in Africa on a project for CIGI and we’re looking around for a new way to share content between the development teams. Here are some of the characteristics we’re […] Read More »

2 Missed Opportunities for Newspapers

Over the course of a decade, we have changed how we consume news and journalism. Articles like Mashable’s update on Google Reader highlights how our information consumption has taken on a tone of immediacy and documented social interaction. In light of that – it surprises me that major news organizations missed the boat on both […] Read More »

Canada 3.0 Day 1

We started off the day today with a pretty early drive out to Canada 3.0 (that’s what I get for car-pooling with an exhibitor) in Stratford, ON. The day’s sessions were inteded to set the groundwork for some robust discussions on the future of Canada’s Digital Media industry. A couple of observations though: Venue was […] Read More »

AgendaCamp Waterloo Recap

On Sunday I was fortunate to participate in AgendaCamp Waterloo, where we were discussing “The Innovation Economy”. For those not there, it was run as an unconference, and the topics that were brought up ranged from “Is the Internet killing arts and literature?” to “Why haven’t social networking tools improved democracy and voter participation?” to […] Read More »

Bistro January Update

The January Bistro update is out – it’s been a busy, busy month – and the update this month includes some interesting feature upgrades (for a full list of updates, you can always read our Software Updates RSS Feed). First off, the Bistro update to includes some small interface improvements: help requests can now […] Read More »

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