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Creativity on Demand

It always amazes me how full-time designers can be creative (artistically creative, that is) all the time. I sometimes find it difficult to put ideas together and tonight is one of those times. I’m up late working on a couple of projects that have a pretty significant design element, and I feel as though my […] Read More »

If at first you stumble do it again

It’s amazing how no great idea can go undiscovered for long. I remember 2 or 3 years ago talking to Jeff about a cool toolbar idea?- it seems 2 or 3 years was too long for it to be unfound, and so entere StumbleUpon (www.stumbleupon.com) This is an interesting spin on Social Networking – people […] Read More »

So you’re travelling eh?

If you’re traveling, have you ever thought to maintain a travel blog? If not, perhaps you should check out www.travelpod.com – TravelPod is a project based out of Ottawa that I was hooked into by Martin Horne. We’re providing SEO expertise and some development assistance as the company grows. The whole thing is growing so […] Read More »

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