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The Sound of Raging Designers

I just finished reading Peter Merholz’s rant against Ad Agencies on the Adaptive Path blog (Peter is AP’s President) and it’s as filled with rage and vitriol as any good rant should be. What’s most engaging, however, is the flood of replies and comments that were trigged by the post – many of them from […] Read More »

Future Vision – Monotony

RWW has an interesting post about Microsoft being sexier and more intuitive in the future…and although I agree with the author’s comment that it’s a great example of what can lead to Microsoft’s success in the future, I disagree with their comments that this vision of the future is drastically different from their current efforts […] Read More »

Wendy’s Chili & Spoons: Usability

Yesterday I experienced a great metaphor for software usability testing and user feedback. We ate lunch at Wendy’s, and being the adventurous bloke I am, I decided to forgo the fries in lieu of chili. Eagerly awaiting my lunch-time treat, I peeled the plastic spoon out of it’s wrapper and got ready to dig in, […] Read More »

Rich Internet Applications and Open Source

Today Luc passed this link to me: Rico – JavaScript for Rich Internet Applications. This is some cool stuff, and I’m happy/embarassed to admit quite a bit beyond what I’ve been working on, especially their very cool drag&drop demos. I’m a firm believer in the philosophy that more and more of our application interaction is […] Read More »

Web 2.0 and User Experience

There’s been a lot of interesting discussion over the last year regarding the much vaunted “Web 2.0″ that’s being bandied about by marketing enthusiasts and internet officionados. What’s interesting about it though, is the widespread contention about it’s validity. Some purport that it’s no more than marketing buzz and false hype designed by marketing schmucks, […] Read More »

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