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10 Most Important Metrics – Rebutted

Internet Arguments

I was recently sent an email from a colleague: Hi Joseph, Would you agree with this list of “metrics that matter” to VCs considering investing in a startup? Would you add or remove any? http://tomtunguz.com/ten-financial-metrics/  After reading Tomasz’ post, I found myself frustrated with the article and the recommendations, and I figured it would be […] Read More »

Social Enteprise: UK vs. Canada

Today I attended a presentation at MaRS on Social Entrepreneurship and Social Finance, and theme of the day was pretty plain: as a country we are falling woefully behind. However, stats only show one side… To bring everyone to the same page, when I describe “Social Entrepreneurs” and “Social Enterprise”, I’m talking about individuals and […] Read More »

Students: Forget VC – Just Build It!

Waterloo is a great place to launch a startup (particularly a tech startup), and one of the many reasons is the people that live or frequent the community. Yesterday I had lunch with Albert Lai and the conversation turned to the young entrepreneurs starting their first businesses; the consensus was that they were far too […] Read More »

How to open Canada’s borders to VC

Last week Stephen Hurwitz blogged about foreign direct investment in Canada, and about how difficult our country makes it for others to invest in Canadian startups. The full read can be found on his blog, or you can read it docs if you are so inclined. The article does a great job of summarizing the imbalance […] Read More »

A Government-Aided Incubator?

At AgendaCamp I facilitated a session about “What is the Government’s role in VC?” – Here’s a possibile answer to that as sparked by David Crow’s blog post yesterday… I imagine I’m not the only person that is amused by the irony embodied by the Canadian VC scene right now – desipite the wads of […] Read More »

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