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I’m sitting in the lounge upstairs at the Mesh Conference 2009, listening to a Microsoft Rep discuss the new partnership with OCAD, where they are donating surface computer technology and services. Fascinating stuff! Kudos go out to the Infusion Development team that actually developed and ran the demo. To quote the press release: Microsoft Surface […] Read More »

AgendaCamp Waterloo Recap

On Sunday I was fortunate to participate in AgendaCamp Waterloo, where we were discussing “The Innovation Economy”. For those not there, it was run as an unconference, and the topics that were brought up ranged from “Is the Internet killing arts and literature?” to “Why haven’t social networking tools improved democracy and voter participation?” to […] Read More »

Blog Re-Launched

About a year ago, I placed by blog on hold….we were working on a new version of our blog module, and I wasn’t certain which route I’d be going with the content and direction. Today, however, it’s back up and running. I’ll be maintaining my existing personal focus on the ins & outs at Lewis […] Read More »

Purpose of Blogging

It’s been a while since my last post, which started me thinking again about the purpose of blogging. I used to run a blog while I was China to keep people in the loop, but shortly after coming back I ended my affair with online journals: I realized that I wasn’t enjoying what I was […] Read More »

Rich Internet Applications and Open Source

Today Luc passed this link to me: Rico – JavaScript for Rich Internet Applications. This is some cool stuff, and I’m happy/embarassed to admit quite a bit beyond what I’ve been working on, especially their very cool drag&drop demos. I’m a firm believer in the philosophy that more and more of our application interaction is […] Read More »

Aggregators and Social Networks

You know what I’d like to see? A good add-on or plugin to a popular instant messenger that would connect an RSS aggregator with the idea of social networks. I realized that I read a lot of blogs – I currently use FeedDemon to read them. In order to read them I need to be […] Read More »

Web 2.0 and User Experience

There’s been a lot of interesting discussion over the last year regarding the much vaunted “Web 2.0″ that’s being bandied about by marketing enthusiasts and internet officionados. What’s interesting about it though, is the widespread contention about it’s validity. Some purport that it’s no more than marketing buzz and false hype designed by marketing schmucks, […] Read More »

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