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Tool Search – Content Sharing / Collaboration

I’m looking for a tool – and I’m hoping that the magic of the interweb can help me find something. I’m working with a development team in Africa on a project for CIGI and we’re looking around for a new way to share content between the development teams. Here are some of the characteristics we’re […] Read More »

Wry Twist – China Monetary Policies vs. Maintenance Work

In a wry twist of fate, we have a small maintenance project at work that’s been impacted by an international economic governance situation. At CIGI (The Centre for International Governance Innovation) we recently installed a TV Studio for doing live media hits. As part of the setup, we’re installing an upgrade to our security system. […] Read More »

Quick-Mover’s Disadvantage

Unfortunately, Google Wave is officially in the DeadPool. What’s truly unfortunate about this, though, is that it highlights an issue: organizations that put significant money and effort behind an unproven technology, particularly when that technology is backed by a “reliable” player like Google. Read More »

G8 and G20 Summits in Haiku

This weekend I’ve been in Toronto for the G8 & G20 summits supporting CIGI‘s G20Net project with OpenText and DFAIT. It has been an interesting experience camping here at the International Media Centre while chaos abounds in the streets…the juxtaposition of riots just outside this building filled with suit-wearing soccer fans is intriguing. I began […] Read More »

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