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It’s that time of month again – release day! And today’s release is a large one touching the Bistro system, our distributor’s website, and nine of the modules. So, here are the highlights of the release to Bistro (for a full list of updates, you can always read our Software Updates RSS Feed). Bistro […] Read More »

Working on #33 From My List

#33 from The List is to learn how to play the drums – and although I haven’t yet picked up a full kit yet, I’m now in the market to find one. I’m debating between a full starter kit (bass, snare, high-hats, ride, crash and tops) or picking up an electronic drum kit. The hinging […] Read More »

Bistro January Update

The January Bistro update is out – it’s been a busy, busy month – and the update this month includes some interesting feature upgrades (for a full list of updates, you can always read our Software Updates RSS Feed). First off, the Bistro update to includes some small interface improvements: help requests can now […] Read More »

Bistro December Update

This month’s update has me really excited – we were able to spend the time to clean up some rough edges that have been sitting our on development roadmap for a while, so this batch of changes includes a lot of little details that had previously been delayed. This month’s updates include: Bistro Core System […] Read More »

Bistro November Update

November’s update is an interesting one for those of us that really enjoy programming challenges – it includes a lot of behind-the-scenes upgrades and enhancements. The systems that will be impacted by this update are: Bistro Core ( Blog (1.4) Login Access System (1.3) Member Access System (1.5) Menu Manager (1.9) Online Store (1.15) Product Catalog […] Read More »

Attended a Wedding

So…we’re on a trip to celebrate our wedding…and what do we do, but attend another! It was fun – we attended a cousin’s cousin’s son’s (2nd cousin once removed?) wedding. There were over 300 people at the restaurant, and the food was pretty good. The bride looked great, but she only changed dresses once. They […] Read More »

Blog Re-Launched

About a year ago, I placed by blog on hold….we were working on a new version of our blog module, and I wasn’t certain which route I’d be going with the content and direction. Today, however, it’s back up and running. I’ll be maintaining my existing personal focus on the ins & outs at Lewis […] Read More »

The Results Are In

It has been a long time since I have posted – and there are many reasons, however the most pressing one was that I was trying to complete the few courses I elected to take this term. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I decided to try and inch my way towards my degree […] Read More »

Far Flung Networks

Every businessman, businesswoman, entrepreneur and mentor will espouse the values of a comprehensive and well-maintained network. However, every so often I am reminded of one of the true joys of building a great network of friends and peers: the people. This past week I reconnected with a good friend of mine that I haven’t spoken […] Read More »

Additions to The List and Another Fortune

Today I added two things to my list of stuff to do in life – one is a recent insight, the other is something that’s been nagging at me for a few months. One of the other members of my Leadership Waterloo Region class mentioned that she was working on a similar list, and had […] Read More »

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