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10 Most Important Metrics – Rebutted

Internet Arguments

I was recently sent an email from a colleague: Hi Joseph, Would you agree with this list of “metrics that matter” to VCs considering investing in a startup? Would you add or remove any?  After reading Tomasz’ post, I found myself frustrated with the article and the recommendations, and I figured it would be […] Read More »

Tool Search – Content Sharing / Collaboration

I’m looking for a tool – and I’m hoping that the magic of the interweb can help me find something. I’m working with a development team in Africa on a project for CIGI and we’re looking around for a new way to share content between the development teams. Here are some of the characteristics we’re […] Read More »

How Chevy Won SXSWi

I just came back from SXSWi, and the best way to describe it was mardi-gras for geeks. Although I had a blast and managed to fill my days with sessions, speakers, and productive meetings, what was most striking was the torrent of marketing activity going on. Yes, there were dozens of mobile place-based and group messaging apps […] Read More »

The Sound of Raging Designers

I just finished reading Peter Merholz’s rant against Ad Agencies on the Adaptive Path blog (Peter is AP’s President) and it’s as filled with rage and vitriol as any good rant should be. What’s most engaging, however, is the flood of replies and comments that were trigged by the post – many of them from […] Read More »

CIRA Registry Change

I just received an email from OpenSRS that makes me, as a .CA domain name holder, very happy. On October 12, CIRA will be flipping the switch on their new registry platform which will replace their current system (an old, difficult-to-use, and frustrating system) with something much more in keeping with registry standards out there. […] Read More »

Three more tools for the toolchest

This blog post is as much for me to keep track of these three tools, as it is to share with others. I stumbled across three useful tools today, that I think others may appreciate: Read More »

Close the Loop! 3 Products That Haven’t Been Completed

I’ve recently found myself getting frustrated at products that don’t close the loop – meaning they don’t come back around and solve their original purpose. Here are three quick examples and my recommendations on how to fix them. If you’re a product designer on any of these products, please feel free to implement any of […] Read More »

Why I read my news online

For the last few weeks I’ve been experimenting with what it feels like to read a print newspaper every day. I chose to use the National Post for this experiment (although I occasionally swap it out for a Globe & Mail). Today, unequivocally, I’m reverting to my online-only habits. The reason? Simply put: the local […] Read More »

Web Entrepreneurs as Citizens and Leaders

Fred Wilson made a post yesterday describing how  Web Entrepreneurs are the New Urban Architects.  Although he’s correct in many in his observations, I don’t think he has gone far enough. I believe today’s Web Entrepreneurs are the New Citizens. What unifies the examples Fred gave (Twitter, Foursquare,, CitySourced, etc) and other Web Entrepreneurs […] Read More »

Waterloo Region Culture: Web Roundup

Waterloo Region is a great place to live, but it pains me to say that we have very fragmented communities of interest. Common complaints that I hear from people in Tech, Entrepreneurial and Student communities are “there isn’t enough going on” or “organizations don’t advertise their events well enough“. Well, here is a non-comprehensive list […] Read More »

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