Why Google Scares Me

The reason I’m scared of Google is that so many people say they love them….this will allow them to bend rules and get around common sense in a way that no other company could.

Back in 2004, Google announced that they were going to start scanning hundreds upon hundreds upon thousands of books. Now, of course the first thought that comes to the majority of minds is “Great! Now I can get everything online!” What comes to the minds of publishers though, is “What about my copyrights?!” Of course Google says they’ll be staying wthin the lines of copyright law, but as all laws are, there’s room for wiggle – and I bet Google can wiggle it’s massive weight around a lot.

As expected, the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers stated their opposition to the idea (original statement &?official position), but who’s going to listen to that?

You see, Google is implementing an opt-out methodology. Essentially any publisher and copyright holder who doesn’t want their work included has to contact Google to opt-out. This means that the millions of copyright holders who a) don’t know about the project or b) don’t know how to contact Google are out of luck.

As soon as the first case of this hits the courts, you can bet that Google is going to take a “for the common good” stance and those copyright holders will be out of luck – you know why? Because everyone loves Google. Imagine if Microsoft started trying to do this – you can bet that all of the US, the EU and even China with their new stronger copyright laws would be up in arms. With big, fuzzy Google that doesn’t in any way resemble Microsoft though, it’s ok.

Oh yes – and a worthwhile summary of the situation can be read at http://www.taaonline.net/news/

On a less pedantic and more personal not though, WOW, it’s been a busy, busy week. Derek’s here and is taking up his share of tasks famously. It’s absolutely fantastic having another pair of hands on-site to take care of some of these tasks. I didn’t realize how much it was frustrating me trying to juggle everything, and this is absolutely splendid.

Travelpod is going well, the traffic has been growing steadily and we’ve some exciting features that we’l be rolling out. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to direct enough of my time (or any of Derek’s or Dave’s) onto the Lewis Media site, so it’s still a little behind and out of date (ironically enough).

Personally, things are busy but hale – I’m putting in long hours, but there are people around me to support me in it, and I’m actually getting some social time in (unlike recent history) which is very very satisfying.

I’ve been putting together my presentation for Chapter 3 at Entrepreneurs week, which has also been taking up some time, but it’s fleshing out nicely. I’ll need to make sure I run it past Anne and Eric before hand though to get their input. Either way, the weekend is here and it’s time to kick back, relax, hit the office solo and get some work out of the way 😉


VP HCM Products at NetSuite and Founder of TribeHR and Lewis Media. Waterloo Region Enthusiast and active volunteer.

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